Browse and source for your ideal choice of sponsor brands to participate in your event. Here you will be able to find out the requirements and what goodness they have to offer for your event! 

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Need apparels for your events? Click here to find out what we have to offer at our partial sponsored rates, guaranteed the cheapest source to equip your event with quality apparels. 

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Find a sponsor to fund your cause, event and project. Just fill in your particulars, tell us what your event is about and you can leave the rest to us.

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Designed to help you cut corners. Enjoy cost savings.

Pick from a large range of sponsored apparels to print your event designs on. Sponsored apparels come with an endorsed logo of a sponsoring company which makes it much cheaper than non-sponsored apparels .

Gives you more variety.You will be spoilt for choice.

From snacks to drinks to chocolate bars to free product samples to free vouchers and coupons; there is nothing you cannot find in a sponsor me goodie bag. Blow the minds of your event participants as they attend your event with glee, receiving a goodie bag full of surprises. Sourcing for goodie bags will no longer be a tedious process with Sponsor Me here to help you save time and cut cost.

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Our state of the art design tool is not only simple to use and dynamic but more importantly it saves you from all that waiting. Get an instant quotation based on the quantity and the customized design you have uploaded now. And because you spend time to do-it-yourself; you get to enjoy the lowest prices even for non-sponsored apparels.

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